arm, aber sexy. this is my ode to berlin.

stories from the underground

Im going to start including a few little snapshot stories from the ubahn. I find it such a fascinating place – teeming with life, full of weird and wonderful characters.

Its 3pm on the U8. The usual street magazine seller hops in to the carriage and starts his monologue about the magazine for sale, hole in his trousers, flat voice, dead eyes fixed on nothing, hoping for a dollar. A bored looking mongrel of a dog rests at the feet of a dude wearing a sergeants army jacket and a wild mop of curly hair. The carriage isn’t that full. A big girl is sitting in the four seater opposite me, by herself. She is holding a tiny red purse which she fidgets with constantly, zipping and unzipping it. I notice her tight black tshirt displaying a bulge of backfat, and black stripey adidas track pants and wait for it white kitten heels. All scuffed and scrubby looking. Her hair is stringy and she looks tired. She is staring at me. Then she is staring at the man next to me. A strange, sullen, but slightly mischevious look on her face. She adjusts her tshirt. Her tshirt slide back up over the bulge. She coughs loudly, still staring at the man next to me. The man next to me is texting and doesn’t even notice. Two stations fly by. She continues to stare. In a sudden movement, she gets up, leavers her empty fourseater and comes to sit opposite the man and me. Still staring at the man. Her eyes have a manic glint to them. She starts twirling her stringy hair with one little finger. Staring staring at the man. The man keeps texting texting. Her lips curl in to a smile. Another station passes by, She kicks her foot out so it brushes his leg. And comes dangerously close to mine. He doesn’t flinch. Eyes on the iphone. She keeps staring. Alexanderplatz. In another sudden movement, without so much as a glance back at the object of her fascination, the girl gets off the train. 

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